Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twitter Account Growth & Management

If you’d like to get serious about your Twitter account growth, you only need 2 web based applications! You need one account to automate your growth and another for account management. OH: and you have to have a Twitter account, of course.

For growth, Twitjump works! It has taken my followers from 150 to just over 1000 followers in the last month. It is free (while they’re in Beta) so hurry up and get an account opened! Twitjump allows you to identify the Twitter users it automatically follows for you via keywords or keyword phrases. You also control the follow/following rate. This makes it easy for you to maintain a healthy follow to following ratio. Be patient with this auto growth tool, it works in spurts.

For management, Hootsuite works! Here you can stay friendly with your followers (even if they aren’t a friend or coworker. Also, you can monitor both keywords used in Tweets and mentions of your Twitter user name. Those features allow you to reply to all mentions and/or questions directed to you, or about your expertise. Hootsuite tracking is impressive, and I use it for client account management because of its flashy report suite, and accurate CTR statistics. One downside to using Hootsuite is that they keep tracked links within an iFrame. So you can’t track a visit with a reporting system like Omniture or one that uses Java Script tracking. So, if you only want a CTR on links posted to Twitter and charts to support those stats, USE HOOTSUITE!

NOTE: does NOT keep visitors in an iFrame, and will allow Omniture tracking to work!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Social Media vs. Social Marketing

Of course, every one is talking about how they can incorporate Social Media Marketing into their promotion strategy (be it media, interactive or traditional). The problem is that Social Media Marketing is actually 2 types of "Social".
Social Media, is just what it sounds like. Media buys/promotions, conducted within a social network that best supports the type of promotion that is being ran. For example; a video contest would best fit a network like Where as a photo contest would best be hosted on a photo site, like flickr or photobucket. The best part of all of these Social Media promotional types is that Facebook has the ability to support all of them, and then some! (not that im partial to the most successful social network on the web)
The other type of "Social" is social marketing. This is the disciplined process of updating a social network's status or ensuring fresh content is uploaded on predetermined times & dates. A very consistent process that plays a key part in keeping users engaged on a daily basis (or ensuring your message reaches users while they are on the social network). Both work together to increase both the receiving audience and increasing the value of a viral share. I suggest you get started on your next, Social Media campaign for 2010. I know I have!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FB's New Privacy Policy Improves Ad Targeting

Today's Facebook privacy policy update was much needed. The update clearly identifies 3 levels of privacy you can use to identify who sees your information. The levels are; friends, friends of friends, everyone. Ok, great! The thing that gets me is the information that is now automatically made public "This includes your Name, Profile Picture, Current City, Gender, Networks, Friend List and Pages.". This information is NOT being made public, to as FB put it, "helps your friends find and connect with you" the information is being made public so FB has more user demographics to assist PPC buyers with reaching a target audience. We all know Google pulls in billions every year and is basically a global ad company. FB sees the value in PPC and that is why they increased the value of their ad space by offering more "public info". FB can now offer this info to help PPC buyers deliver their message to a more precisely targeted audience, one that matches their exact promotion or brand audience.

FB can slice and dice over 1 billion profile demographics. With info such as a users location, keywords found within a users profile and users that are fans of certain pages. You can even display an ad to a user on their birthday! The PPC game on Facebook is an untapped resource for marketers to deliver a well targeted message or promotion. But remember, much like social media itself, FB is a dynamic environment and we all need to be ready to adapt.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Does a 3rd Level need a 1st Level?

OK, SEO gurus. I have 2 different 3rd level domains and am considering NOT creating a landing a page on the first level. Will creating a landing page of some kind on the first level and marketing it benefit me in anyway? Or will it just get in the way of the 2 different 3rd level domains? This is a Brand New Web Site. Any thoughts?